Twin Singers Lockdown Therapy

Helen Shapiro Amy Winehouse
With the Beatles With Mark Ronson
Lockdown Blues? Think Happy!

Combat the Lockdown Blues across Four Generations

If your family or friends have heard of Helen Shapiro, then use Zoom or Facetime to enjoy an interactive Musical Show with them.

The stories will create emotional bonds between teenagers, parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.

Zoom Facetime

Weaving the lives of Helen Shapiro and Amy Winehouse:

COVID-19 has devastated Movie Production

Twin Singers is a Mama Mia! Genre Pop Music Movie consisting of readymade film clips, woven together into a compelling story.

Like Mama Mia! it appeals to four generations of Pop Music Fans.

Similar origins. Different destinies. A Greek Tragedy unfolds in Song.

A Movie Production Company Opportunity:

16 year old Helen Shapiro had a supporting act. The Beatles!

Helen Shapiro Concert Ticket Helen Shapiro Poster

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Updated 14 February 2021

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